Sunday, March 29, 2009

1. What a great response for this contest, over 30 entries, plus doubles b/c some people posted in more than one place. As noted before, winners will be announced early this week (notice I am not committing to a particular day as my 

                                                   l  i   f e
    i  s 
                                                                                                                            a  s 
                                                                                                                                                         n  u  t  s 
                                      a  s 

but it'll probably be Tuesday or Wednesday. Definitely not Monday (see # 5).

2. Elijah is up to 23 lbs! (he was 8 or 9 lbs when I brought him home) --and totally insane. He has an "interview" for doggie day care on Thursday so I can keep him socialized with other dogs AND take a "break" every once in a while. He still eats like a pig, is 90% housebroken (he brings me shoes and rings the bells on my door knob when he has to go--and just this morning he actually brought me his halter) but he still can't be trusted as he occasionally slips up (he is, after all, only 4 months old). He can sit and lie down on command, we are working on "stay" and he comes when he's called...when he feels like it, that is. He's fun, but being a puppy he likes to bite and chew (including human flesh) and he has terrible separation anxiety when I leave the room and he can't get to me. He does wear me out and I get NOTHING done! Walking him is an experiment in terror. Not because he "pulls"--because he stops every five seconds to look at dirt, smell dirt, paw dirt, eat dirt... No, I don't have to lug doodoo bags around because he only likes to do that in his own yard. Go figure.

3. Because I get nothing done I remain in seriously writing withdrawal. I'd planned to go to Borders yesterday to work on interview questions and to revise a bit, but ended up conking out at SEVEN p.m. and sleeping through till FOUR a.m. when the "baby" woke me up to go out. I'm going to try again this afternoon and stay till they close. I'm also in blogging withdrawal and haven't read blogs in days. Uh, weeks, actually. I miss my LJ friends! I'm going to make a point to read DAILY even if only for 30 min or so.

4. Speaking of reading...I'm not reading anything, either. What happened to me???

5. Tomorrow I have to go into work early for a 3 hr workshop to learn how to defend myself without actually fighting back.


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