Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Scrambled egg whites suck--even with a real egg thrown in to add color so it doesn't look like you're frying up a blob of mucus.

Fake/low fat/low cholesterol "butter" sucks. Seriously, butter--any butter--should not stick to roof of your mouth. And it really should melt over heat.

Wheat-bread-that-looks-just-like-white-bread sucks. It's like those fake chocolate bars that look so delish till you cram one in your mouth and go chchchcuhhchcucuchchchaaaahch!

Also, I stood on the scale with my glasses off, squinting hard to make out which little line the needle was on: One-blatty-zero. Not as bad as I thought, and I should have left well enough alone--but I tried it again WITH my glasses on. All of a sudden I'

Damn those four-pound glasses of mine!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HOT HOT HOT ... the weather, not me

I lasted exactly 2.5 hours at the Greek Fest yesterday. NINETY-THREE FRICKING DEGREES! I was melting, melting--and in such a rush to get out of there, I forgot all about stocking up on baklava. Which is fine. It's not like I need it.

But now that it's hot outside, I've perked up a bit, mentally. This weekend, aside from working, I planted a couple ferns given to me by a co-worker--two fully grown, one baby. The baby grew about 3 inches overnight. The grown ones, however, look like hospice candidates. I highly doubt they'll make it. Have I mentioned I am possessed of a VERY Black Thumb? Nothing I planted last year ever materialized. A couple weeks ago, though, I tossed a few bulbs around and--amazingly!--some little green faces are already sprouting forth (I'm not a "yard" person...I just play one online).

Well, I'm getting hungry. Guess I'll an egg white or something.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday 5

1. Though I'm stuck working all weekend, I am off on Monday...and this is where I hope to be: The TREMONT GREEKFEST.

I've been dreaming of Greek food for a week now, and what they serve at this festival is phenomenal! Yes, it'll be 91 degrees, but hey, there are tents and ice cold beer.

2. Another great review for THE UNQUIET from DANA'S YA BOOK PILE:

"The way the author takes her work at a psychiatric hospital and gives Rinn some very real problems was something that made this book special. The ghost element combined with the enigma of mental illness was a compelling mystery that unfolded like a complex piece of origami. If you like ghost stories or are a fan of Ellen Hopkins and her edgy real life issues, this is a book you will enjoy."

Can you tell I'm kind of some kind of Serious Love with book bloggers lately? <3 <3 <3

3. I've read 30 books so far this year, most of them YA, and I'm keeping track on my GOODREADS page. My goal is a book a week. Big whoop, right? It's not like I win a prize. I WANNA WIN A PRIZE!

4. Will you look at this lineup for the Northern Ohio SCBWI Annual Conference? And yes, I'm on the list! I will post more information as the time (September) draws nearer.

5. You know how you might see a book cover from a distance that catches your eye, so you have to stop what you're doing, get up, and walk all the way over to see what it is? This was mine today:


Freaking cool cover! A WIDOW'S STORY: A Memoir by (the amazing!) Joyce Carol Oates.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend! I'll eat some baklava for ya. Smiley

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I have not been abducted by aliens. I've just been insane lately. More than usual, that is.


Part of it's the weather. Most people looove the springtime, right?. Sprouting flowers, warm weather, blossoms on tree, etc. I, on the other hand, prefer the fall. Death and decay actually energize me. :-) I do my best writing in the fall, while spring seems to suck me dry.

Also, Grandma was in the hospital for three weeks. She went in with a UTI and ended up on IVs, an O2 mask, and various tubes I'd rather not describe. She's home now (only because I insisted on it) and doing 100% better. But I've been busy with that, and not in the mood to blog. Or write. Or much of anything else.

Now that things are looking up, here I am. THE UNQUIET will be released in less than two months!!! It's already received some excellent reviews, like this one from NOVEL NERD:

"Lets talk about that ending. THAT ENDING. What in the world? What does it mean? Does it mean what I think it means? I just don't know. That whole ending was kind of weird. In a good way, but weird. The very last words made me want to yell in protest. That can not be the ending. There must be a second book! Right? I sure hope so. I would love to dive into Rinn's world some more. There are still some unanswered questions such as-Where's Lacy? What's gonna happen to Meg? What does that ending mean?! The Unquiet isn't even out yet and I desperately want more. I will cross my fingers and toes and hope there is another book."

How awesome is that???


Thursday, May 10, 2012

KINDLE SPECIAL: Before, After, and Somebody in Between

BEFORE, AFTER, AND SOMEBODY IN BETWEEN is now available on Kindle for $1.99! LINK

SEE YOU AT HARRY'S by Jo Knowles

READ ABOUT "SEE YOU AT HARRY'S" on Jo Knowles's blog! Release date was May 8th. 


SEE YOU AT HARRY'S at Amazon:Twelve-year-old Fern feels invisible. Her dad is always busy planning how to increase traffic to the family business. Her Mom is constantly going off to meditate. Her sister Sarah, who's taking a "gap year" after high school, is too busy finding ways not to work; and her brother Holden is too focused on his new "friend" to pay attention to her. And then there's Charlie: three years old, a "surprise" baby, and the center of everyone's world.

If it wasn't for Ran, Fern's best and oldest friend, there would be nowhere to turn. Ran is always calm, always positive. His mantra "All will be well" is soothing in a way that nothing else seems to be. And when Ran says it, Fern can almost believe.

But when their lives are unexpectedly turned upside down, Fern feels more alone than ever, and responsible for the event that wrenches the family apart. All will not be well. Or at least, all will never be the same.

As a HUGE fan of Jo's writing, I am so excited and I can't wait to read this!