Monday, January 18, 2010


Here is a list of last year's Grapemo participants. For those of you who unfamiliar with Grapemo, think of it as a mini NaNo without all the pressure. All you need is a Personal Writing Goal--this can be to write so many words that month, or pages, or chapters, or even a single chapter. You can use the time to revise/edit/or proofread your work. You can work on your synopsis, outlines, query letters, whatever. If you're an illustrator, not a writer, you can use this time to work on whatever project needs your undivided attention.

The object of this is to spend ONE SOLID MONTH completely devoted to the most pressing matter at hand. And the nice thing is, nothing is carved in stone--goals can be reasssed and changed as needed. We'll be posting weekly updates (guidelines will be announced) and--for those brave enough to share your work--weekly (or possibly twice-weekly) teasers (not manadatory). It's fun and it's inspirational, and anyone can join in. Whoever is interested, please reply this post, or PM or e-mail me, and I'll add you to the list.

I desperately need this, by the way. :) And I bet I'm not alone.


Hmm. I smell...


Yes! February will be here before you know it. You know what that means?

It's GRAPEMO time! Remember this?


C'mon, don't be shy. Who wants to play? :)

Monday, January 4, 2010


Maybe I've been spending too much time with my paranormal. But can you see the orbs in the picture below? Two near the center of the mantle, and one near the two pics on the wall to the right. WEIRD!



Grandma and Nate on Nate's birthday (just before Christmas)

Our teeny-tiny puppy-proof Christmas tree

Hubby and Grandma

Nate, Grandma, Beth, and me on Christmas morning

Beth and me

Genevieve and Brandon ("...sitting in a tree, etc.") on New Year's Eve

Matthew, Leah, Molly, Sophia, and Hubby

Peace out, Lydia!

Pooped-out puppy on New Year's Eve


Totally cool! Elijah is Camp Bow Wow's Camper of the Month!

eli camper of the month

From CBW's Newsletter: "Elijah is a one year old beagle mix who loves coming to camp! He knows he's in for a fun filled day when his owner, Jeannine, asks him if he's ready to go to Camp! He loves coming to camp so much, in fact, that one day he just couldn't wait until mom parked the car and jumped out of the open window in the parking lot and ran to the front door! Elijah has been coming to camp since he was 4 months old and it has been a lot of fun watching him grow up. He recently developed his "big dog" bark and loves gossiping with the other Campers! He also likes to help welcome new playmates to camp by lending a paw in the interview process. Elijah is at camp every Saturday and usually a day or two during the week as well and would love to help welcome your pup to Camp! Congratulations Elijah for being the January Camper of the Month!"

Squee! I am such a proud mommy today! :) :) :)

Click to find a Camp Bow Wow near you.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy 2010 to everyone, a day late. Let me just say that my whole New Year's Eve dinner sucked, though everyone was far too polite to say so (though the hors ovaries went over quite well...not homemade, of course). The lasagna burnt. The fruit salad was utterly tasteless. The idiots at  (name deleted to avoid potential litigation) Pizza forgot to put the mushrooms on my mushroom-and-onion pizza. I ended up with an ONION PIZZA. Who the h-e-double L eats an onion pizza??? The shrimp cocktail was awesome, but then, how can you screw up shrimp cocktail? I drank 2 glasses of wine and didn't even get a headache, so that was good.

Yesterday I'd planned to write all day (Santa brought me 25 free days of doggie day care! Either I was a very good girl last year, or he wasn't paying much attention) but I spent it in a coma into front of episode after episode of "Law and Order: SVU"--none of which I'd seen before because I work 3-11. And ate leftover ONION pizza for lunch and dinner.

How was YOUR holiday??? Hmm? Anyone?

P.S. Pics to come. But I am at Borders right now trying to redeem myself.