Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Doggie Donut

For those of you who aren't following me on Facebook, I noticed a sore on Eli's paw a week ago. Not right on his paw, but a little above, not on an area that he steps on. Nobody is sure if he caught it on something, if it's an insect bite, or what. We took him to the vet on Saturday, he was put on antibiotics, the wound was cleaned any dressed...

And he is not allowed to go for walks or to go to camp.

This is a Very. Big. Deal. The mutt is going NUTS, and driving the rest of us nuts, too. He chews the bandage no matter how many times I rewrap it, and eats the tape. He gets into everything, and becomes very snarky if we try to take something out of his mouth. He's also gained pound from lack of exercise. We have to wrap his leg in plastic whenever we take him outside, and this whole ordeal has become one royal PIA.

So today we take him back for his follow-up appointment. Of course Beth and I are both hoping the dressing can come off since we're tired of tackling him every three minutes. Plus, we've been lucky: one of us has been home in the afternoon to keep an eye on him. Left to his own devices, I'm sure he'd tear the whole thing off in five minutes flat.

I hauled out the old donut this morning because Beth and I both have to work today (and my lips still taste like rubber from blowing it up). But the donut is pretty useless--Eli can still reach the dressing--though he's surprisingly good-natured about wearing it. Bitter Apple, unfortunately, doesn't slow him down one bit. He actually likes the taste.


Luckily I did manage to wrangle the day off (the units are combined again--oh, what fun!). I'm doubly happy because I have line edits to do which I need to get back to my editor by the end of the week. With any luck I can zip through them tonight.

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