Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Morning Naval-Gazing

No luck looking at fridges yesterday, The ones I love are out of my price range...kind of like cars, houses, purses, etc. The ones I can afford, I just didn'

Casey Anthony closing arguments today--the highlight of my weekend, no doubt. As much as I feel for Cindy Anthony, for an educated woman she is dumber than dirt.

Dog puke. It's been a while. From the amount of it, he's making up for lost time.

I really need to write another book.

I know it's too late, but I planted seeds outside (poppies and daisies). It'll be interesting to see if they'll come up.

I am boring myself with this post.

I haven't changed my clothes in 2 days.

I dreamed I went to a doctor's office for a consult for a facelift. The doctor turned out to be the psychiatrist I work with.

I've managed to stay on a diet for a solid week. I'm even eating mulch-bread instead of yummy Italian and I'm somewhat addicted to Weight Watchers' Santa Fe Rice and Beans dinner.

I love this: "I don't mind going to work--it's that eight-hour wait to go home that I hate."

I'm looking forward to the fireworks tomorrow night. My sister Karen lives a block from the park. When the kids were little, we'd all walk down there and fight the crowd for a great spot. Now, years later, we just sit in chairs on her front lawn, drink beer, enjoy the show from a distance. I never dreamed I'd be this old. It's what my parents used to do.

Why the hell can we buy fireworks in Ohio when it's against the law to shoot them off?

Have a happy--and safe--Fourth of July!

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