Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Friday 10

Nope, haven't blogged for a while. For those of you who saw my locked post a couple of weeks back, dealing with that threw me out of the loop for a while. But here I am. With Christmas two days away, I'm happy to announce that:

1. I finished all my shopping and managed to navigate every store without one single physical or even verbal altercation.

2. I wrapped every item (up till 3 a.m. last night doing it) and could actually climb up off the floor by myself without calling 9-1-1. My knees, however, may never be the same.

3. I found a happy medium between "cheap" and "extravagant." Well...I'm happy with it, anyway.

4. I'm officially flipping the bird to anyone out there who says gift cards are a crummy idea. I think they're a better idea than lottery tickets's a Guaranteed Win.

5. I'm loving my Nook and seriously hoping that Santa will be kind enough to load it up for me.

6. I ordered clothes for Grandma from some geriatric online "boutique" and literally shrieked in horror when I opened the package. DUDE! When I am that old? Please do NOT attempt to dress me in flowered dusters, dammit!

7. For the first time in several decades, because I am working, I will not be home on Christmas morning. *sniff*

8. Do you realize there is not ONE SINGLE TOY I can buy Elijah for Christmas that won't end up in his lower colon within 24 hours?

9. If nothing else, at least my hair will look spectacular for the holidays. :-)

10. The best thing? I have another Christmas to celebrate on January 7th and a whole 'nother paycheck on January 6th!


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