Monday, October 31, 2011


I posted an article on FB recently that supposedly "explains" away symptoms of a haunted house.

It was pretty funny. I don't think it was meant to be.

From ages 5 through 9 I lived in an ancient old house on the west side of Cleveland. Creepy, lots of dark wood, and a cellar with rats. Yes, rats.

That was not the house that was haunted, however. My haunted house was the cute little suburban bungalow I lived in after that, till I graduated from nursing school and moved out on my own.

The article said--ridiculously enough--that doors that shut by themselves are aided by "drafts." That doesn't explain how a door that slams shut can, a moment later, open again on its own.

Footsteps you hear are supposedly caused by the "settling" of the house. Oh, yes--because the settling of a house sounds exactly like someone walking up and down the hall directly over your head. Not. Any idiot knows the difference.

The article also didn't explain how, when you are alone in the basement, a hand can reach out and gently squeeze your shoulder.

Or how a sound can repeatedly sweep through your house, a high-pitched, almost electrical wail--a sound that you never heard before and never experienced since.

Or how a voice can wake you up out of a sound sleep to the glowing image at the foot of your bed.

You either believe or you don't believe. But no one can explain it away. Those who haven't experienced it really shouldn't try.

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