Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday 5

So many pics I wanted to take this week...and I CAN'T FIND MY STINKIN' CAMERA!

1. The beautiful red foxes in the field out back.

2. My writing buddy, Pamela. :-)

3. My big fat box(es) filled with copies of THE UNQUIET (pretty, pretty, pretty!).

4. The hawk perched on my fence, head cocked...watching (luckily Eli's not a Yorkie).

5. A pic of ME to paste a copy on my fridge to remind me I did NOT need that stuffed French toast, eggs, hash browns, and bacon this morning.

I had the camera a week ago when I uploaded pics of my grandniece's baby shower.

How can you lose a camera when you don't take it anywhere? can you live in a house as messy as mine and ask that same question with a perfectly straight face?

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