Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Next Adventure...

So in the twilight of my nursing career (though twilight is a small exaggeration as I'm sure I'll be working long past retirement age...yanno, if I wanna eat past age 66) I'm being forced compelled to get an official certification in psychiatric nursing.


This involves a two-day class (15 CEUs), an additional 15 CEUs in some kind of psych nursing, and a one big fat honking exam similar to State Boards.



1. Raise

2. Get to add one whole initial to my signature (whoopee)

3. "..." (I'm thinking)

4. ...Mmm, I guess I could add "professional satisfaction" but seriously, my job is so satisfying in so many ways, I just don't feel the need to add that extra letter after my name.


1. Psych has never been my forte. It's the only nursing class I got a B in (I missed an A by 1 or 2 points, so it's not like I was flunking. But still). I couldn't keep the theories straight. I couldn't keep my FACE straight! It didn't help that my instructor wasn't wrapped too tight, either (BTW, if you're reading this, I apologize--but remember when you made us crash a CLOSED bipolar support group and how embarrassing it was when they kicked us all out? That was so not cool).

2. This means sitting for an exam that I've been told is about as horrible as waking up with shingles on your face and cottage cheese in your sheets.

3. The prep book alone is almost $70. A book I will never look at again. Not available on my Nook.

4. You have to complete 150 psych CEUs every 5 years in order to renew it--and for the price of the renewal I could buy 4 tickets to a Broadway show and have a nice night out on the town.

5. I have NINETY DAYS to do it.

6. I'm supposed to be writing--and now I have to spend all this time catching up on CEUs and studying for an exam?

7.  Upset Smiley

I ordered the course for the additional CEUs I need...something about "Depression in Adults" (and it's 20, not 15 CEUs, but it was cheapest course they had). Ha--depression in adults? At this point I could re-write that book. I could star in the film version--which, after this news, would be a pretty accurate bio-pic.

Not fair. I'm old. I should be finished with school.

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