Monday, January 4, 2010


Totally cool! Elijah is Camp Bow Wow's Camper of the Month!

eli camper of the month

From CBW's Newsletter: "Elijah is a one year old beagle mix who loves coming to camp! He knows he's in for a fun filled day when his owner, Jeannine, asks him if he's ready to go to Camp! He loves coming to camp so much, in fact, that one day he just couldn't wait until mom parked the car and jumped out of the open window in the parking lot and ran to the front door! Elijah has been coming to camp since he was 4 months old and it has been a lot of fun watching him grow up. He recently developed his "big dog" bark and loves gossiping with the other Campers! He also likes to help welcome new playmates to camp by lending a paw in the interview process. Elijah is at camp every Saturday and usually a day or two during the week as well and would love to help welcome your pup to Camp! Congratulations Elijah for being the January Camper of the Month!"

Squee! I am such a proud mommy today! :) :) :)

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