Monday, January 18, 2010


Here is a list of last year's Grapemo participants. For those of you who unfamiliar with Grapemo, think of it as a mini NaNo without all the pressure. All you need is a Personal Writing Goal--this can be to write so many words that month, or pages, or chapters, or even a single chapter. You can use the time to revise/edit/or proofread your work. You can work on your synopsis, outlines, query letters, whatever. If you're an illustrator, not a writer, you can use this time to work on whatever project needs your undivided attention.

The object of this is to spend ONE SOLID MONTH completely devoted to the most pressing matter at hand. And the nice thing is, nothing is carved in stone--goals can be reasssed and changed as needed. We'll be posting weekly updates (guidelines will be announced) and--for those brave enough to share your work--weekly (or possibly twice-weekly) teasers (not manadatory). It's fun and it's inspirational, and anyone can join in. Whoever is interested, please reply this post, or PM or e-mail me, and I'll add you to the list.

I desperately need this, by the way. :) And I bet I'm not alone.

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