Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday 5


2. April is movie month for me. JANE EYRE is next. Last week it was INSIDIOUS.


Best scene in that? Claws sharpening on a spinning grindstone...clomping cloven hoofs...and "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" playing on a gramophone. The adrenaline kicks in just thinking about it. I'm also considering the remake of ARTHUR but, hmm, I dunno. I still have such a soft spot for the Dudley Moore version.

3. I still haven't received my invitation to The Royal Wedding so I guess I'll have to watch it on TV with all the other peasants. I doubt my manager would've given me enough time off anyway. Who's with me? Shall we make a party of it?

4. I spent 4 hours yesterday revising an older project and 15 minutes deleting 50% of my revisions.

5. Anticipating a rollicking night at work tonight. I may very well be the only one on the schedule. For some reason 95% of the staff gets Friday nights off. Go figure.

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