Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Music Therapy for a Very Crabby Person

Ahhh, music.

Some days just start out stressed,

1. Can't find my hairbrush for second day in a row: stress. I have nothing to brush out my hair with. It has to be This Particular Kind of Brush, not just any old one lying around house. My mom hammered it into my brain for years that you never, ever use anyone else's brush. Of course at the time she was thinking: lice. No, no one in my house has lice. But I can't use their brushes. Mine is special.

2. Out of coffee: stress. All we had left was flavored. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

3. Overstuffed garbage pail left over from last night: stress. Seriously!!! Can you NOT see the trash falling out of the can? Are you going for some kind of world record to see How Much Trash Can You Shove Into A Single Can?

4. Grocery store: stress. Stupid*** self-serve registers are only a step above the stupid*** full-serve. Hmm, lets see how many times we can set off the flashing HELP light, Why will the register accept two coupons but then reject the third--which, as summoned cashier admitted, is actually the NORM? How about the cheap bags that break as you're schlepping your groceries to the car? (when I use the full serve registers I insist on bagging my own--double bagging, that is--thus subjecting myself to the stinkeye from the highly affronted cashier).

5. Work: stress. Yes, just thinking about how I am Not Off Till Thursday already had me in a tizzy on the way home from the store. I hadn't washed my hair yet (because I had no hairbrush, duh) and wasn't sure if I had any clean scrubs, and what I really wanted to do was to go back to bed.

And then, while punching radio buttons, I stumbled upon the overture from The King and I.


Suddenly, everything's fine again. :)

I am happy. I have music. I'll be humming the soundtrack all day.

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