Friday, April 20, 2007

10 Random Thoughts on a Friday

1. Beano really works.

2. I've turned off the news till further notice.

3. Goodbye, Sanjaya!

4. I dreamed an intruder shoved my head into my microwave oven. I woke up. It was a hot flash.

5. I have new a page on my website for appearances.

Made you look. It's still blank.

6. I'm craving Jellie Bellies and whiskey sours.

7. What happened to all the Writers Net trolls? Too quiet over there.

8. My current library fine alone could feed a third world village for a month.

9. My cat's eyeballs are so sunken in you can actually see the sockets. Aside from the sunken eyeballs, really, he's fine. Very, very creepy. I may have to post a pic.

10. By the way, the rest of me is OVER HERE!

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