Thursday, April 26, 2007

American Idol

So, how DID they do this?

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I was stuck at work last night but managed to sneak into a few rooms to catch pieces of the show. Great guests, great music, but two hours of human suffering is a bit more than I can bear. God, I freak out when that animal commerical comes on (with Sarah MacLachan wailing in the background) and sad as this seems, I'm more affected by the sight of those trembling, terrified dogs and eyeless cats. Maybe because of all the human suffering I see every day? Or the fact that I was raised in an avid animal-rights atmosphere? Who knows?

Anyway, that's one commercial I can't sit through--and that song's hideously annoying.
What was annoying about AI, too, is that nobody got bumped off. The only reason I don't feel cheated is because Jordin was safe. That girl is amazing!

I'm sitting here now pretty much wasting the day. I should be at Borders, but Grandma's sick so I need to run by the nursing home soon. Plus I'm making a chicken for dinner tonight and it's impossible to do that two miles away from the kitchen. I thought of saving the poor bird for tomorrow but it's already been roosting in my (clean) fridge since Monday and one more day might be pushing my luck. So later I'll hole up with my lap top and face a few major issues I'm having with Shawna--who, I suspect, will not be finished by the end of this month. Seems to me I overestimated myself. Jeez...after two years of revising and editing Before/After, apparently I forgot how hard it is to FINISH a new story. Sigh.

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