Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday 10

1. Nothing like posting a link to an event and not mentioning the fact that 8:30 p.m. means EST! Sheesh.

2. Another nice blogger review. Thank you, Alea. :)

3. Toe is improving. Thank goodness for Crocs because the surgical shoe they gave me is a PIA (I don't think it fits and I'm too lazy to go back). I am, however, going back to work tomorrow. Seven a.m. I'm depressed just thinking about it.

4. Elijah is sleeping through the night a bit better. But the only way to get him to do that is to wake him up and take him outside later at night--10 or 11 when I am home, or 12:30ish when I get home from work. He's trying to figure out door knobs now. He likes licking worms frozen to the sidewalk in the morning. He peed on the floor for no reason at all the other day after being essentially continent for 3 weeks or so. I know you shouldn't "shriek" at dogs--but he did stop peeing as soon as he heard me and finished up outside. What a good boy!

5. My agent likes the way my paranormal's going and gave me a few good suggestions. Even with my Latvian/Bulgarian/Albanian/whatever keyboard, I've already had a chance to get to work on it. Yay, BEACHMO!

6. I knocked my jaw out of whack in my sleep last night. Yeah, I swear. I have awful TMJ and my bite was off--it felt like biting down on a marble on one side of my mouth. That is so, so, sooo not right. But it popped back into place. I blame this entirely on my own orthodontist who I'm sure received his training in eastern Europe during WWII. I believe he also made keyboards in his spare time.

7. Did I mention my dog eats frozen worms? Oh, yeah, I did--number 4. I think it's significant enough to mention again. Particularly when he scrapes them up with his teeth and tries to bring them into the house.

8. Straaaaange movie, a musical that should NOT have been a musical. But I was riveted: Dancer in the Dark. Lately, though, it doesn't take much to entertain me.

9. Yes, I am reading high fantasy (don't pass out) because I'm currently addicted to the Legend of the Seeker show on Saturday nights:


(Pam? Holly? You still standing?)

10. For those of you I don't see in the chat tonight, have a great weekend! I won't be on again till Monday, though I may drop a Twitter or two. Bye!

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