Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday 5

1. A few words about My Good and Evil Sides posted on Books By Their Cover.

2. I have the amazing good fortune to have an agent who doesn't mind digging her hands into my earlier drafts (thank you, Tina). With a 3-day weekend coming up I plan to get a lot done, never mind that the weather's gonna be beautiful and the house is a stay and we're out of food and my oil light's on and...

"Shut up, Jen."

"Thank you."

3. I love when you're asked by The Powers That Be what can be done to Make Improvements. And when you tell them what Seriously Needs To Be Done, they say Oh THAT Will Never Happen...and then they ask So What ELSE can be done? Um, I already told you, you said it ain't gonna happen, ain't nothing gonna change, so why continue the conversation?

4. Elijah rarely barks. However, when two Church Related Stalkers showed up this morning I seriously thought he'd go through the door. Good boy, Elijah! Have a cookie! Have three!

5. I'm watching John Carpenter's Village of the Damned. Kirstie Alley is thin. Chris Reeve can walk. Mark Hammil is young. Totally surreal!

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