Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Catch Up

1. I stayed off the computer all weekend which I think is going to be my rule from now on. Usually I stay off only on the weekends I work, but I got much more done by avoiding the internet. Of course that means I had 67 emails waiting...

2. I'm 2/3 of the way through my hundred-page revision. I already performed 2 character abortions and eliminated a whole storyline. Down to 118k (first draft-wise) with a goal of 90k (or less) by the time I finish.

3. HAY FEVER! I'm dying here. Nothing works except Benadryl which is one of the drugs we use at work to knock out-of-control people down a few notches. I'm drugged, drugged, drugged, and I haven't been this miserable in years! I'm leaving a trail of snot rags wherever I go.

4. Elijah caught kennel cough! Yes, he'd been vaccinated but only a month ago so I don't think he built up a full immunity. The vet says it's only a mild case. He's on antibiotics now, and hasn't coughed since Saturday. Or puked up his dinner because he was coughing so hard. BTW, it's amazing what you can find in a puppy's puke. Ever look? ;)

5. Doctor's appointment today that I'm not looking forward to because she's gonna yell at me...for a variety of reasons.

6. Grandma's 85th birthday was Saturday! We took her to Dairy Queen for her favorite hot fudge sundae (while Beth and I snarfed down fat-free ice cream sandwiches) and hubby had a chicken sandwich and a chocolate milkshake. Whoa, are Beth and I made of steel or what?!? BTW, after 3 years Grandma has a new roommate--and it's Miss Ruth! I hope it works out. It's one thing being best buddies with someone, and something else entirely when you're sharing one room. Her last roommate was mute, wheelchair-bound, and mostly out of the room, so Grandma essentially had the room to herself.

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