Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i guess i should have explained what happened to my foot. no, i wasn't stomped on by a psychopath. i grabbed the phone and headed out of the room to talk in private and whacked my foot on a table leg on the way out. i might add that this is about the fourteenth times i've broken that same toe. i might also add that although it is indeed fractured, it's not nearly as bad as the last time this happened--when that same toe stuck out at a NINETY DEGREE ANGLE. in those first few seconds when your endorphins kick in and you are actually pain free--you know, before you starting screaming and swearing and sobbing, etc.--i grasped that toe and snapped it right back into place. hubby nearly barfed.

word to the wise--do NOT relinquish your laptop to anyone unless you know they already have the needed part in hand. after waiting 5 days i finally demanded it back. they said when the keyboard comes in they will bring it to the house and install it here. if they don't so it by friday i'm getting my deposit back and going elsewhere. i understand that they had to order the part but they should have told me this first and given me the option of checking out other places. this is fully my fault because when they said if could have it back the next day of they have the part, all i heard was NEXT DAY. however, they had the model number and everything and should have checked their stock. of course when they brought it back, the guy said, oh i fixed it--you don't need a new keyboard after all. so i check it out when they hand it over, and no, it's still broken. HELLO???

notice i am not naming names.  yet.

i think i'm an idiot for not demanding my deposit back. but they keep swearing to me that the keyboard is on the way.

i wonder if companies realize how much power bloggers have. how, if we're not satisfied with the service, it's so easy to post about it.

and name names when we want to.

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