Saturday, December 8, 2007


So the storm has passed. I'm happy with my decision. If not "happy," then "satisified." Satisfied is good.

It looks like God decided to open that window after all.

(My friends on LJ know what storm I'm referring to. The details a private, so I've loicked the posts over there and can't really elaborate on this blog)

Today I spent at Borders, working on my paranormal. This was the ghost story I started for NaNo 3 years ago. I'd been working on it diligently, subbing chapters to my crit group, till my editor and I began revisions on Before/After. So yeah, it hasn't been touched since the end of 2005


OK, I've written worse. I've also written a lot better. And I wonder if one part of it is "believable" enough--and the scary thing is it's not even one of the "paranormal" parts! So I'm just running through what I'd already written and slashing out HUGE sections (about 10K so far) of mindless yadda-yadda-let's-see-how-much-crap-I-can-throw-in-to-UP-this-friggin-word-count-blah-de-blah. MC Liza vacillates between "highly irritating" "exeedingly bitchy" and "beyond pathetic"--none of which will endear any readers, of course.


Yes, this is a challenge, and very, very different from what I'm used to writing. For instance, it's:

1. Past tense, not present.
2. 3rd person POV, not first.
3. Multiple POVs instead of only one.
4. Paranormal, as opposed to...well, whatever the other two are supposed to be. ;)
5. Adult. Not YA.

I'm undecided about this. For one thing, it's sat so long I may never be able to fully revive it. For another thing, I'm not entirely confident I can make the transition from YA to adult. I'm not even sure I should try, for reasons I may discuss in a later blog.

Heh. Or not.

BUT--!!! It's something to keep me occupied while I wait to find out if Shawna finds a home. Besides, I'm re-e-e-eally having fun with it (remember when you used to write purely for fun?). I mean, ghosts and blood and guts and sex and murder...what else could you ask for to pass the time? ;)

PS: I want to add that TODAY is my wedding anniversary! And after selfishly spending the day glued to my computer and guzzling espresso, I returned home to discover that hubby had secretly prepared a beautiful meal! This is the first time in cough-cough years we did not go out to dinner together, just the two of us, to celebrate. The kids joined us tonight and we all toasted "Mommy and Daddy" with Asti Spumanti and topped off a fabulous filet mignon dinner with French silk pie.

I heart my family. Heart them, heart them, heart them!!!

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