Monday, February 11, 2008

"Typical" characterics of YA?

Pubrants has an entry that lists the 25 Most Common Things You See In YA Literature.

Gotta admit, I'm guilty of 3:

#17 – Parents who are professional writers or book illustrators (Shawna's mom is a photographer/illustrator)

#12 – A dead mother (if she dies IN the story, does it still count?)

#7 – Fingernail biting (Martha)

OK, guys, be honest: how many did YOU hit? And will any of this make you think twice about your current wips or future projects?


LisaYak said...

well, two of those are already in my WIP. I guess I'm on the right track, then?

Great list!

Jeannine said...

yeah, well, my next one has a MC who wants to be a writer, lol.