Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Contest: Two for One

Ohhh, God. Keep me away from Twitter--it's more addictive than blogging which is "one" reason I haven't, um, been blogging much. Not Blogging is ba-a-ad. Bad, baaaaaaaad, BAD! Down, girl. Play dead. Go eat a worm.

Today, hubby said: "You need to figure out how to work your writing back into your schedule." I guess he realized I'm actually hanging around here lately.

"Dad! Dad! Who's that stranger in our living room!" "That's your mom, son." "My what?" "Your MOM. And be nice to her--she's cooking dinner tonight."

I am, too: a meatloaf...though I might trade it in for a mixing bowl-sized portion of Coco Puffs. Have I mentioned how much I dislike meatloaf?

OK, for lack of any excitement in my life at the moment, I'll self promote: For a chance to win a copy of both Say the Word and Before/After, please check out BOOKS BY THEIR COVER and leave a comment. This contest will run through the end of the week. Say hi to Yan!

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