Monday, May 11, 2009


1. I rescheduled my scope for the first week in June. Unfortunately this means juggling my schedule at work.

2. Beth has a thingy on her eyelid which means an appointment at 11:30 tomorrow. It might be a good day to drop Eli off at CBW even though I'm working and will have to pick him up at 1:30. If I do, though, I might be able to squeeze in some writing (or, more likely, cleaning).

3. Got an iTunes card and box of candy for Mothers Day--"In spite of your evilness," is how Nate affectionately put it before he handed it over, lol.

4. I just realized I've never had the flu in my life. According to one of my fave doctors at work (yeah, I have them) you don't vomit with the "real" flu. I've never had the flu and *not* thrown up...which means I evidently never had the flu.

Why do do I bring up "vomit" so often on this blog?

5. Can't wait to see The Soloist. Nathaniel Ayres, who lived in Cleveland before he move to the west coast, was well known to several of my coworkers. They described perfectly how, when hospitalized, he'd sit on the floor in the hall and play his two-stringed violin.

P.S. Hubby says, "Don't you get enough of that at work?"

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