Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book Signing!

After being knocked off the internet for a day because of my computer "forget" how to work (how the HECK does that happen anyway?) I can now post that my book signing for THE UNQUIET was a great success. :)

My biggest mistake was not springing for a better camera after my two nice ones mysteriously disappeared. TOTALLY disappeared, as in they-are-absolutely-nowhere-to-be-found-in-spite-of-my-tearing-up-the-house-multiple-times.Yes, ghosts do move things, don't they? Instead of springing for a decent, I bought a crummy Vivitar for around $30 and, sadly, I'm paying a much higher price with pictures like this--


--as well as quite a few others that didn't turn out and are not worth posting



...the book store was small, and quite crowded (above) so we moved next door to Vero Bistro which turned out to be even more crowded that the book store (their gelato, however, is to die for!). And the folks eating pizza seemed somewhat stunned when they realized they'd ended up in the middle of an author appearance.


And, once again, I was presented with some beautiful flowers by my best-ever nephew, Cory (pictured with mom Mary and little sis Rowan). xox

Thanks to everyone who came!

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