Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Shooting

A couple of years ago I was very shaken up when patrons at a Shaker Heights movie theater were clubbed and robbed. I'd been to that theater many, many times. I cut school one day to stand in line to see The Exorcist back in the seventies. Fond memories, etc. :) It's a beautiful theater in a old, beautiful area.

Since that incident, I haven't been back.. Of course, that's ridiculous. Attacks like that can happen in any theater. But just the idea of the people who were sitting there that night, enjoying a movie, munching popcorn--and suddenly clubs are swinging, skulls are cracking, etc....well, I knew I could never sit in that theater again. An attack out of the blue on unsuspecting folks in a pitch-black theater was one of the worst things I could imagine.

It still is: 12 people murdered and 38 wounded in an Colorado theater by some loathsome POS who, no doubt, will plead insanity--never mind that he planned the attack down to the smallest detail: tear gas, four guns, plus a bullet-proof vest and a gas mask for himself.

The youngest victim is only three months old.

"We don't have a motive yet," is what I'm hearing on the news.


First of all, does anyone care about a motive? Second of all, how could there be a motive for an atrocity such as this?

EVIL doesn't need a motive.

And this man is pure evil.

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