Friday, July 13, 2012

Favorite Ghosts, Anyone?

Well, my latest favorite ghost picture...



...started me thinking about all the ghosts in my life. Not the real ones--that's a whole 'nother story--but the ones that piqued my interest in The Otherworld.

Starting with this guy, of course.


Yep, my favorite cartoon on Saturday mornings, with this one following a nose behind:


(I wanted to be Daphne)

OK, not scary. And these were mere cartoons, unlike the shows that really unnerved me (well, at age 5 or so) like when The Little Rascals ran into some spirits--

Photobucket Photobucket

(I honestly believed that would happen to your hair...)

--not to mention The Three Stooges:


(OK, OK, it was an animated skeleton. Close enough)

GHOST was the first "ghost story" I fell in love with, though I was much more impressed with the creepy little demons at the end:


(Note: What was even creepier was when Patrick Swayze's spirit took over Whoopi Goldberg's body, and...well, some people thought that was romantic. I found highly D-I-S-T-U-R-B-I-N-G)

I was never a fan of GHOSTBUSTERS. Cartoon ghosts? Puh-lease. But I did fall in love with this guy and his two ghostly companions:


I'm pretty difficult to scare, but POLTERGEIST freaked me out:


--and so did THE GRUDGE--


--but I prefer my ghosts to be what I imagine them to be: the lost, troubled souls of real people. In that sense, THE OTHERS was the perfect ghost story:


For me. the ABSOLUTE SCARIEST movie about ghosts is THE INNOCENTS (1961), based on Henry James's TURN OF THE SCREW. The book itself is chilling. The film is terrifying.


Now THAT'S a ghost!


See this movie!

In the dark.


I dare you!

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