Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday 10

1. Picture someone shoving your whole body into a smoking hot oven for 15 seconds. Then picture them hauling you out and tossing you into a freezer for another 15 secs. Picture this happening about 50 times over a 24 hr period. Sigh. I am saying nothing else.

2. I dropped the F-bomb in an earlier post--and when I tried to check out LJ from work last night I got a screen that screamed: ACCESS DENIED! Oops. I will go back and edit. I don't blog from work because A, it's uncool and B. who has the time? But I like to check my comments from time to time.

3. I hate ants. I'm actually kind of scared of them. I got bit by one when I was seven.

4. I'm listening to the Beatles singing "My Love" which has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.

5. I've been at my place of work for 25 years and in a couple of weeks those with 5-10-15-20-and-25+ years of service are going on a dinner cruise on Lake Erie. People with 25 years and up get chauffeured to the dock, possibly because they're afraid we're too old to find our way there on our own?

6. Total weight loss since February: 19 pounds. But now I've discovered Karr's Sweet and Spicy Mix. Suggested serving: 3 tablespoons. OH YEAH RIGHT!

7. I still have to figure out which passage to read for my signing. I had no idea how many swear words I used. Oops again.

8. My interview for our suburban newspaper will be out on June 28th issue. My photo didn't turn out so they're reshooting me on Sunday.

9. The worse thing about having a deaf cat is that they no longer respond to the word "NO!" With no auditory clues, they become completely demented. Max jumps up on us as we're eating dinner and rudely eats off our plates. Swipe a pork chop with a paw. Snag a broccoli spear right off our forks. Then he gets offended when you shove him away and is back in your face a second later. He's the Helen Keller of cats. Highly annoying!

10. I have a week off at the end of the month. My goal is to finish my revisions. If that is ALL I do each day, every day, there's no reason why I can't get it accomplished.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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