Monday, June 25, 2007


Laura Bowers will be proud of me--I GOT MY FIRST MANICURE IN 20 YEARS. Of course I smudged my thumb before she was even finished. The Asian manicurist blabbed to me the whole time and I couldn't understand one--single--thing she was saying. I think it was "Keep your hands still, you idiot, you're gonna smudge!" in Mandarin.

I finished my speech. I've been told to use note cards rather than get up there and read but I don't think that's possible. Maybe after I do this a few times. I need to tell Pam that she's been duly appointed to sit nearby and take over the show if I fall on my a$$ or lapse into catatonia. The more I think about being nervous, the more nervous I get. I am NOT OBSESSING. I am working through my emotions.

I found another pair of Birkie sandals to wear, a white leather pair I haven't seen in 2 years. I thought I'd left them behind in Belize.

I have a brand new juicy zit right next to my nose. Well, of course! Just like in school on picture day. No zits in four months since I gave up the chocolate and now one erupts right out of the blue. Thank you so much.

I stopped at Borders. There are empty spaces where my book used to be which means somebody is buying them!

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