Thursday, June 28, 2007

Page One!

I am on PAGE ONE of The Sun Star, our suburban newspaper--complete with photo!--in an article entitled "Author Happy to Finally See 'Somebody'"! A great big THANK YOU to wonderful staff writer Debbie Palmer. I bought six copies, lol.

I spent the day at Borders busily working on revisions and waiting for my stupid car to be fixed. Yes, it was the battery, thank God. And while there I ran into Cinda Chima, author of THE WARRIOR HEIR and the newly released THE WIZARD HEIR. Yes, we're practically neighbors. It's so cool to talk to someone who's already been through everything I'm experiencing now. I can't help but think, Hopefully this'll be me in another year or two. :)

It's hot and muggy and verrry overcast, and I'm off on a dinner cruise tonight. I hope it clears up so I can get some pictures of the city. Plus I promise to post a picture of the great gift I received from my wonderful A-Team: a glass mug with the title of my book and my name engraved.

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The A Team: Elca, (me) Jan, and Tange

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