Thursday, June 21, 2007

Into the Wild

OK, I could not NOT pop in to announce the release of another Class of 2k7 book-- Sarah Beth Durst's INTO THE WILD

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From AMAZON: "Twelve-year-old Julie has grown up hearing about the dangerous world of fairy tales, 'The Wild,' from which her mother, Rapunzel, escaped. Now The Wild wants its characters back. Julie comes home from school to find her mother gone and a deep, dark forest swallowing her hometown. Julie must fight wicked witches, avoid glass slippers and fairy godmothers, fly griffins, and outwit ogres in order to rescue her mom and save her Massachusetts town from becoming a fairy-tale kingdom. Sarah Beth Durst weaves a postmodern fairy tale that’s fresh, funny, and sweetly poignant."

Go, Sarah Beth! :)

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