Monday, June 1, 2009

Elijah at 6 Months Old

The Wee Beastie's actual birthday is anyone's educated guess, but December second sounds good. This means he'll be 6 months old tomorrow, or three-and-a-half in human years--pretty accurate when you consider his behavior:

1. He's totally potty-trained.

2. He understands everything you say to him, but chooses only to do what HE wants to do (unless you give him a pretty good incentive).

3. He runs off if you're not looking--but the moment he realizes you're not in his sight he'll charge back in search of you.

4. He likes to ride in the car and dislikes the seatbelt.

5. He makes a mess when he eats.

6. He demands new toys or food when you take him to the (pet) store and has a tendency to grab things off the shelves.

7. Treats and toys will shut him up for a while.

8. He watches TV and thinks it's real.

9. He conks out unexpectedly in the middle of the floor.

10. He puts things in his mouth that don't belong there.

11. He whines, talks back to you, and throws tantrums.

12. He's fascinated by his own anatomy. :) Boys will be boys, I guess.

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