Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Puppy is sick. :( Vomiting. I know he ate something he shouldn't have on a long (3 mile) walk on Sunday. I I wrestled with him like crazy, but couldn't get it out of his mouth without him taking off my hand (yeah, he was that--pissed) Up till yesterday he was fine: eating, pooping, drinking water, playing, etc. I called the vet yesterday when he threw up breakfast, but they were of the mind that if he's been pooping, he probably passed it, especially since he was playing and acting okay.

Well, he went to camp yesterday and was fine. Then he puked in the evening, mutiple times. He refused a bland dinner of rice and broth. He slept like the dead all night, which is not unusual for him on camp days. This morning he again refused the rice (I can't believe this chow hound refused to eat something!!!) so I gave him yogurt and oats, which he loved.

Now he's sleeping. I'll see how he is when he wakes up, but I have the feeling I might be taking him to the vet today.

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