Sunday, June 21, 2009


Good thing I revised for 6 hrs yesterday. Today I planned to go to (a different) Borders after dropping Beth and Elijah off for a hike. Thing is, the hike was out in the Middle Of Nowhere and the nearest Borders was in Medina. Plus the hike that I thought (for what reason? I dunn) would be all afternoon turned out to be only 1.5 hrs. They had fun! Eli just crashed out. Beth, probably not too far behind.

Why did I think Hinckley was so close to Medina--cuz it AIN'T--and there was absolutely no other place to go. NO civilization what-so-evah. This city girl drove, drovedrovedrovedrovedrove down loooong country roads with an occasional car zipping around me at 60+ mph (I know, because I was doing 45-50) and idiots pulling out of parkways without looking, and unexpected stop signs (WTF am I stopping for? Chipmunks?)--not to mention idiots on bikes. Sorry if you're a biker but it Pisses Me Off to have to cross the double yellow line (which is breaking the law) so I don't run you over in the middle of MY lane.

I make it to Medina after 30 minutes (hit a Panera's b/c it was 1000 yards closer than Borders) which gives me a whole 30 minutes to work on revisions. Like a dutiful little author, I do exactly one page ("Hmm, that adjective could go...this whole line can go...let's change that word to x-x-x... OK, done!") and then sign onto Twitter and blab on the phone.

Tonight: grilled salmon and rice pilaf, with Grandma over for dinner to celebrate Father's Day (he's getting the same thing he gave me for Mother's Day) and then, hopefully, early to bed. Didn't this weekend go FAST?

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