Thursday, July 19, 2007

Class of 2k7 EZINE

Read the Summer Issue of THE CLASS OF 2K7 EZINE here. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this issue! BTW, inside, there's a GREAT article about graphic novels by G. NERI. Neri's graphic novel Chess Rumble will be published by Lee and Lee Books this November. I was addicted to GNs when I was a kid (of course, we called them comic books then)--not the "funny" ones (tho I read those, too) but GN versions of American classics like Tom Sawyer and Little Women.


OK, in other news--and I can't say much because it doesn't involve me--but I happen to know someone whose FIRST YA NOVEL was just pre-empted. Pre-empted! OMG. This is the stuff you dream of. More details to come once I'm officially permitted to flap my trap.

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