Sunday, July 1, 2007


My last day of freedom and what have I done today so far?

1. Did not write.

2. Drank coffee.

3. Grocery shopped. Ohhhhhhh GAWD how I despise that chore!!! And I went to the "good" store too which means nobody pissed me off--except for the fact they didn't put my milk in bags and I was too busy unloading to notice. WTF? Yes, that's what I like--four gallons of 2% bumping around in a filthy trunk so I can take them home and stick them in my fridge with the rest of the food. GROSS. It should be PRESUMED that normal hygienically-conscious people prefer their milk in bags.

4. Did not write.

5. Drank coffee.

6. Wrote this.

7. Now I am going to "prepare a meal" for my family--stuffed cabbage, ready-to-go--so somebody can throw it in the oven and *I* won't have to rush home from Borders to slave over a stove.

8. Then I will write. After I drink some more coffee.

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