Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday 10

1. My sister Mary's WONDERFUL WORDS about Before, After, and Somebody in Between. I especially love that she said, "Makes me feel a little blessed with my childhood and a lot more aware of how I should raise my son." Oh, and the fact that she called me brilliant. :) Thanks, Mary!

2. It's only 10 a.m. and already I ran out to take Beth to work, buy a cup of coffee, stop and get cigarettes, have my e-check done, and renew my license plates. All on 4 hrs sleep.

3. How funny that all this stuff about Michael Vick is coming out NOW--one month before I plan to start my pit bull dog story. Nancy Grace apparently disregarded my suggestion to cease and desist showing video footage of dog fights. I don't need visuals. I get it. I GET IT.

4. My sister Karen made my day by calling me up at 8:30 to sing Happy Birthday in my ear! (((HUGS)))

5. Beth also made my day with her birthday card: On the front, a few crows perched on a jungle gym. Inside, thousand of crows flying around and screeching (complete with audio!). She knows The Birds is one of my all-time favorite movies.

6. My hair is h-i-d-e-o-u-s! Tomorrow: chop-n-dye.

7. At least my skin is clear for a change. Not counting the zits, I mean...

8. I put on a couple pounds. I need to wire my jaws.

9. I'm kind of a celebrity at work. These is sooo weird! The head of the hospital sent me a congratulatory note. I had a write-up in the hospital news bulletin. People are reading! I've had nothing but good feedback. I only wish some of my coworkers worked for the School Library Journal. Or Booklist. Or Publisher's Weekly. Or...

10. Be careful what you wish for. Is a bad review better or worse than no review at all?

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