Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Survived Positive Saturday

Positive Energy Day was a success. I ran out of steam by 11 p.m.--but the worst I said all night was a couple of oh-craps. Fifty things ticked me off in the first two hours, so I started a list. At first I thought that'd be expending too much negative energy. Then I decided it might be good to review it later to see if these things were really THAT important.

I lost interest in the list halfway through the shift. Then I lost the list.

It was a relatively ugly night. One person (not a patient) totally pissed me off. But I kept my trap shut. How unlike me. Eight hours without bitching? Amazing!

So now the A-Team has decided to do this one Saturday a month. Strangely enough, I felt less stressed than usual. Maybe "venting" isn't always the best way to go. Who knows?

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