Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Won!

Doesn't it make you nuts when you’re driving in a car listening to a radio show contest—and you KNOW the answer? And you KNOW by the time you phone in somebody else will have already answered it?

Today on WCLV (classical music) the host asked, “In the movie Steel Magnolias, what were Shelby’s wedding colors?”

I know that. I know that! Well, I know one of 'em, anyway. Bashful and...what?
"Blush" and... Damn, it starts with another B...

"Blush" and........ "Blush" and..............



Radio host: “Well, we still don’t have an answer...”


Ding, ding, ding! I dial the number, narrowly missing a curb.

“Do you know the answer the question?”


“What were Shelby's colors?”


Nate: "Only YOU would know something as lame as that!"

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What did I win? Tickets to BARRYMORE! It's not Broadway, but hey! :)

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