Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday 5

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
23,019 / 50,000

Scenes after scene, none of them leading anywhere. I don't remember ever being this disorganized unless, ya know, I'm in the kitchen trying to cook or something.

2. More revisions on the way from my agent (Pam, are you ready for another trip to Deliverance country???). I should be getting 3/4 of the ms tomorrow, mostly tightening it up a bit and--big drawn-out siiiigh!--fixing more typos. I do have a serious problem with that and I wonder if there's a technical name for it. Aside from "stupid" that is. Heh.

This, of course, means I may have to drop out of NaNo.

3. Tomorrow, a trip to Kent State and the SCBWI brunch. What to wear, what to wear.

4. Hair cut and delightfully rinsed with a darker shade for fall.

5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Mary!! xoxoxo --who, BTW, read Shawna and loves her. But of course, she's my sister. She's supposed to love everything about me.

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