Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Yeah, poor OPHELIA LAUGHS was bent out of shape because her blog reads at a junior high level.

My blog, on the other hand:

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So, Holly. Feel better, lol?

Which actually, it makes sense. When I check the readability statistics on my ms(s), it consistently holds at a fourth grade level.

Before/After: 4th grade

Say the Word: 4th grade

My unfinished (adult) paranormal: 4th grade

Wait, wait, wait! My ADULT PARANORMAL reads on a 4th grade level?

Only Angelo (WNIP...which means "work NOT in progress" lol) topped out at the upper end of 5th grade. The one story I deliberately tried to write at a lower level.

Which makes we wonder "what" I'd have to write if I wanted it to read on, say, a 12th grade level. Or even 9th? A college textbook? My doctorate thesis for M.I.T.?

OK, so now I am verrry curious: Anyone want to share their own statistics? What grade level do you write at?

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