Thursday, November 1, 2007


Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo. Did I write a single word?


Never fear! It's still early enough. Although out of 3 tries I've only made the 50K ONCE (my mouldering ghost story) I figure anything I write is better than not writing at all

Aftr all, it was ONE YEAR AGO that I started Say the Word. Thirteen months ago Shawna existed only in my mind. I wrote the first couple of chapters in October--then on November 1, 2006 I launched full-force into the story. Now one year later I not only have a complete novel, but it's been revised and edited several times over.

So for those of you who are NaNo-ing your butts off: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Best of luck to all of you.

A P.S. for Thankful Thursday: I'm thankful for all of YOU, for keeping me grounded and semi-sane when things get tough, and for giving me all the inspiration I will ever need. :)

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