Friday, January 18, 2008

Five for a Friday

1. If Lindsay Lohan has to spend two days working in a morgue as punishment for her DUI conviction, I think Britney should hang out with me at work for a couple days so she can see what happens to people who refuse to take their meds.

2. Beth and I saw Atonement last weekend. Why can I not sit through a movie without mentally editing it (which is exactly what I do when I'm reading a book)? Good story, but some scenes really went on waaaay too long. In my next life I want to be a film editor, m'kay?

Next movie on our list is Cloverfield although that hand-held camera business might make me barf.

3. Every progress bar I use ends up defunct, so here's my new one till this one disappears, too:

30975 / 80000 words. 39% done

4. Bumper sticker of the month:


5. Does anyone besides me think Tom Cruise is just a wee bit off the wall?


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