Friday, January 11, 2008

Five on Friday

1. I'm off this weekend (thankyouthankyouthankyou) and plan to spend 2 full days doing nothing but writing. I wrote 4K the other day. I hope to double that by Sunday night.

2. I'm terrified to get on the bathroom scale. Of course the full box of Jellie Bellies I singlehandedly scarfed down over the past couple of days might be weighing on my conscience. Heh, get it? Weighing??? *snort*

3. I gave my last 4 bucks to a former patient of mine (NOT a psych patient) only because I know she's not a druggie.

4. My New Moon promises have not materialized. I don't know what I expected. But nothing? Nothing at all? The stars have let me down. In fact, my hororscope, in its infinite idiocy, assured me today that my "social life will pick up." Um, seriously: who the hell CARES?

5. Yesterday, a text message from Ophelia Laughs--received in the middle of shift report at work--totally made my day. Thanks, Holly!

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