Sunday, January 13, 2008

Plugging Away

24,477 Words/80,000K GOAL

OK, I dropped my goal from 100K to 80K. If I go over, I go over. But no way will I go under.

Reviewing what I've written, the problems I see are:

1. Too much backstory (solve-able).

2. I'm not quite sure I've found Nikki's "voice" yet (eventually solve-able after a few drafts).

3. I can't for the hell of me write in past tense (dammit, I'm gonna make this solve-able if it kills me).

4. I think I rushed some of that backstory, too. If this is to be a stand-alone novel, I need to rethink the way I exposed the truth about Nikki's sister (solve-able, with some work).

5. This is *not* a problem, per se (unless I make it one) but it's hard to see Martha from Nikki's POV without Nikki coming across as a total bitch. I have to "switch sides" so to speak (solve-able with a LOT of work).

So far this is the most challenging story I've attempted so far.

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