Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Show Must Go On. Or NOT.

The Oscar nominees for Best Picture have been announced...but will there actually be a show?

It's been a long-time tradition with Beth and me to see every nominated picture--cramming all of them in as fast as we can--and then watching the Oscars together, sometimes alone, sometimes with family and friends. If the strike isn't settled, there won't *be* a show this year.

Weirdly enough, I almost don't care because for the past several years the Academy Award hosts have SUCKED! OK, I like Ellen and wasn't "bad" last year. But what about Jon-omigod-puh-leeeeze-wake-me-up-when-this-boring-show-ENDS-Stewart for instance. And Chris Rock, probably the worst WORST WORST host of the past 80 years.

I know I'm living in the past, but: Come back to us, Billy Cyrstal!!! Please, please!!!

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And of course there's all that political BS. Hello! Can we have three hours of simple "entertaiment" from you people without bringing in Iraq and Bush and how the end of our planet is just around the corner? I'm sick of it. Give me glamour, the glitz, the gowns, the goof-ups. Give me the hunky guys in tuxes. Let me see what these actors really look like while I'm still picturing them as the characters they played. Give me the People Behind the Scenes nobody ever gets to see, and show me the screenwriters behind these wonderful movies. I don't need to hear anyone spewing their venom. I get spewed at enough, thank you very much.

Still, it's hard to break a lifelong tradtion. So I'll probably go see the nominated pictures anyway, and if the show goes on, chances are I'll watch it. If not? Oh, well. Rock on, you writers!

Nominations for Best Picture:



Michael Clayton

No Country for Old Men

There Will Be Blood

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