Monday, January 21, 2008


"Although you may be hesitant today, don't turn away an offer because it doesn't seem good enough. Even the best opportunities won't shock and awe you with their potential, yet they will probably be very promising. Make no mistake; you will have to work harder than you think to make it happen. But the results will be well worth it."


WHAT offer?

I have nothing pending in the book world. I'm not taking that Craig's List job. Nobody is about to stroll in and rescue me from the asylum. Oh, and since I'm already married, it seems unlikely some ravishingly handsome multi-billionaire'll slip a rock on my finger and sweep me off to his Swiss chalet/Irish castle/French villa (I almost wrote "French vanilla)/Hawaiian condo-on-the-ocean anytime soon.

I seriously need to quit reading these things.

P.S. It's 2 a.m. I'm sitting here alone, in the dark, watching a semi-scary movie. So far we have mysteriously exploding lightbulbs, a weird talking doll (of course the kid's parents don't believe the doll is really "talking" to her) and some dude chipping away a brick wall to see what's behind it.

Yeah. Like none of THAT has ever been done before--bleacchhh!

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