Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baby No Name

From AOL News: "It's a baby girl for Nick Nolte and his longtime partner, Clytie Lane. The baby, who hasn't been named yet, was born Oct. 3 in Los Angeles. She weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces, the actor's spokesman, Paul Bloch, said Tuesday in a statement."


"Congratulations on your new baby girl, Mr. Nolte."

"Thank you. We're very excited!"

"I'm sure you are! What did you name her?"

"We didn't."

"...didn't what?"

"Didn't name her."

Cough. "You mean, you're rather not release her name at this time--"

"No. We didn't name her. Can't you read?"

"What do you mean you didn't name her? The kid's a fricking week old! What the hell are you calling her all this time?"

"The Baby. You know...like, 'Honey, it's your turn to change The Baby' and..."

"How can you not name your own baby? It's not like you haven't had nine months to come up with one! This is L.A., for crying out loud. Just pick a name out of the produce department or something!"

"Um...security? Security!"

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