Monday, October 1, 2007


...Thursday...Monday. Okay, wrong day. But I do have a couple of people to thank:

Before I disappear for a while to work on these latest revisions, I wanted to share a new review of Before, After, and Somebody in Between by Kind of a hot-and-cold interview, but mostly positive.

Also, here is my INTERVIEW by fellow 2k7er S.A. Harazin, author of BLOOD BROTHERS. Thank you, too!

And thank you to my agent for pointing out;

1. 6,342 typos

2. more than a few bloopers

3. a major snag

4. a handful of "meh's"

5. one or two vehement "I'm not buying it's!"

I feel like I've been given a gift, a golden chance to turn this ms around. This is so different from my reaction to the "suggested" revisions to my first ms, when I practically had to be sedated and may not have survived without constant kick-in-the-butts and severe reprimands to quit pissing and moaning about it and JUST GET IT DONE support from my LIVEJOURNAL FRIENDS Pam, Holly, and Char.

I think I've grown up!

Curious: what was YOUR initial reaction to your first set of revisions, either from an agent or an editor?

P.S. Smooooch to Tina!

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