Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday 5

1. Revisions:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
279 / 442

I love the way these are going. I. Seriously. Love. It. How is this possible?

2. I bought John Green's Looking for Alaska for *18 cents* because I found the remains of an old gift cert tucked in a pocket of my wallet. I will be meeting him next week at the OELMA Authorpalooza. TI started it this morning and I'm already halfway through it. Fellow 2k7-er Marlane Kennedy--Me and the Pumpkin Queen--will also be there. :)

3. I got rid of the highlights in my hair. Verrry weird. I don't look like "me" anymore.

4. Pam and I are leaving for our "writing" retreat on MONDAY! Flashlights, check. Bedding, check. Food, check. Chamber pot, check. Etc., etc. We are sooooo PSYCHED!!!

5. Another school shooting, this one only a few blocks from where I work. All the signs were there! I'd also like to add that, from all I've read and heard, this fourteen-year-old shooter was doomed from birth. How very, very sad for everyone involved. When will the leaders of our school districts finally wake up? When will the people in our communities wake up? The school had metal detectors. Oh, I guess they weren't working. The school had security guards. Oh, but not at the door. The boy told a friend he planned to do this. Oh! The friend "thought he was joking."

What is happening to our children? I don't understand.

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