Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oh, No! Not PublishAmerica!

Yesterday on Dr. Phil there was the story of a woman who had written an account of her mother's ordeal as the survivor of a serial killer back in the 80s. I missed the show, but a good friend clued me in. Apparently the mom is refusing to allow her to publish the book--

"Carrie wrote a book about Sarah’s real life near-death experience at the hands of a serial killer. Now the mother and daughter are fighting over who owns the rights to this compelling page-turner. Will they heal their relationship so that the book can get published?"

--even though the publisher has apparently assured the daughter this WILL be a bestseller!

The publisher?


Oh, how sad. Yet one more clueless author who doesn't know how to Google.

But then we started thinking...wouldn't you LOVE to see representatives of PublishAmerica, along with some of their authors (disgruntled or otherwise) on the same stage at the same freaking time? On the Dr. Phil show?

Oh. My. God.

If you'd like to *suggest* this to Dr. Phil (as several of us already have) here is the link to EMAIL the PRODUCERS. If enough people express interest, we may very well have the Show of the Year.

Think of this as a public service. :)

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